About RPS

RPS in the Netherlands is an independent engineering and risk management consultancy with laboratories for environmental, occupational hygiene and human health risk surveillance issues. Every day we work for companies, governmental institutions, regulators and inspectorates for a better living and working environment. Our work is carried out by 400 professionals based at offices in Breda, Delft, Leerdam and Zwolle.

A solid foundation

RPS in the Netherlands is part of the RPS Group plc. A British consultancy publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange, RPS Group plc has 5000 employees actively working in the built and natural environment and energy sectors. The Group has offices located in 105 major towns and cities worldwide in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, the Russian Federation, Singapore, the United States of America, The United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.


Laboratories: Asbestos, occupational health and environmental monitoring.

Asbestos: Surveys, property registers, air clearance testing and removal project management.

Safety: Risk management and performance improvement.

Spatial Planning: Rural and urban planning and environmental management and assessment.

Construction: An integrated approach to property maintenance and the provision of property development advice.

Infrastructure: Concrete and green infrastructure, water management, hydrology, geomatics and GIS.


Our professionals can conduct desktop studies or site investigations, undertake systematic site sampling and they can analyse and assess analytical results in the context of other available site information to provide our clients with objective solutions to the compliance and risk management challenges they may face. Real-time information is essential in this work. Therefore RPS continues to invest in technological innovations that make our client’s working processes more reliable, smarter and simpler. In 2014, for instance, RPS was the first consultancy to deploy mobile electron microscopes for asbestos analysis on location. In 2015 we introduced a new measurement technique that uses canisters to determine exposure to substances hazardous to human health more accurately.

Personal, pragmatic and proactive

Alongside the technological and digital revolution, RPS remains committed to our more personal approach to customer service. We are confident that direct contact and a more proactive approach are essential to good cooperation and a higher degree of customer service. We offer pragmatic advice that is not only cogent and easy to follow in writing but effective in its implementation, our key values of personal service, pragmatic advice and proactive support are the qualities most appreciated by our clients.


RPS has been successfully doing business in the Netherlands since the acquisition of BAK Netherlands in 1997 nearly 20 years ago. The organisation has grown organically and through the subsequent acquisition of companies including BKH Adviesbureau (2000), Ascor (2001), Ingenieursbureau BCC (2004) and Kraan Consulting (2008). The integration of all these businesses eventually resulted in 2011 in the foundation of an integrated RPS company in The Netherlands. After a slow year in 2010 due to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), RPS in the Netherlands has seen a return to year on year organic growth reflecting the inherent strength of our business.