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Water Networks Management

RPS has been providing reliable, innovative Water Networks Management services since 1992.  During this time we have provided support to every Water Company in the UK.

Our Water Networks Management team includes a number of the UK’s leading specialists who are shaping the future in their areas of specialty through research and development and engagement with clients and Regulators.

When combined with our Water Networks Operations specialists who are deployed across the whole of the UK, RPS can provide a unique service offering ranging from the development of strategy to effective operational delivery, efficiently integrating both office and field activities.

Our capabilities include:

Business Planning Support

Asset Investment Planning

Investment Targeting

Demand Management

Networks Resilience Analysis

Water Networks Modelling

Infrastructure Design

DOMS and Water Quality Management

Project Management

Optimisation of Water Networks Configuration

Water Pressure Management Design, Assessment and Optimisation

High and Low Water Pressure Investigation

Strategic and Tactical Leakage Management

Source and Customer Metering

Assessment of Emerging Technologies

Water Efficiency

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Case Studies

Distribution Operations Maintenance Strategy

Distribution Operations Maintenance Strategy (DOMS)

Scottish Water

RPS develops and implements Scottish Water’s DOMS procedures.

Operations Maintenance Strategy (DOMS), with the aim of protecting and improving water quality within the potable water network. This involved extensive stakeholder liaison to develop, agree and document the procedures and work instructions defining various network activities, and management of the roll-out process.

The complete DOMS suite of documents also incorporated investment planning procedures to facilitate Quality and Capital Maintenance Investment Planning. This enables greater transparency and granularity of the investment decision processes while at the same time provided a robust evidence-based risk assessment audit trail.

DMA Establishment and Operability

DMA Establishment and Operability

Scottish Water

RPS has designed and implemented a highly successful District Meter Area system for Scotland.

These were designed and installed across the geographic regions of Glasgow, Renfrew, Edinburgh, Grampian and Argyll and have been used to HELP Scottish Water meet its economic leakage targets.

Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure Design

Yorkshire Water

RPS has supported Yorkshire Water design its water infrastructure requirements for the AMP5 period between 2010 and 2015.

Hydraulic analysis and detail design were undertaken to establish flows, pressures, size and length of infrastructure required, including water pumping stations. Intensive liaison with Water supply teams and consideration to the environment were undertaken on Topographical, Ecological and Archaeology impact including third party stakeholders

Northern Ireland Water

Northern Ireland Water

RPS appointed to update and improve Northern Ireland Water’s computerised water networks models.

RPS has been engaged to undertake the update and construction of hydraulic network models for Northern Ireland Water to support their Zonal Studies programme. The updated models will be used in a programme of investigations into water network performance and serviceability investment needs. This will be used by NIW to develop and confirm their future investment requirements.

The modelling programme involves an assessment of existing models, undertaking updates and/or construction of new models, investigations into network monitoring, planning and undertaking extensive flow and pressure logging surveys, model calibration and the development of predictive models of future demand scenarios.

Titanic Quarter

Titanic Quarter

Titanic Quarter Ltd

RPS was commissioned as Civil & Structural Engineering Consultants for the redevelopment of the 185 acre Titanic Quarter Site.

Developments on the site include mixed use residential accommodation, office and leisure facilities, educational accommodation and other major public buildings including the award winning Public Records Office and the iconic Titanic Building. RPS is involved in the detailed design of the site wide civil engineering infrastructure works. These works are essential components in the development of the site and they have been designed to accommodate the future development that is anticipated to take place on the site. These works include new roads, signalised junctions, upgrading of the existing carriageways adjacent to the site and public realm areas along with the site wide drainage infrastructure.

We have also been responsible for the detailed design of many of the new building structures on the Titanic Quarter Site. The site is located in an area previously occupied by the Harland and Wolff shipyard and as part of our involvement we were also responsible for developing solutions for the remediation of this site given the contamination that pre-existed on the site from its former use.

RPS is also responsible for developing flood mitigation strategies for the site and for a number of the buildings on the site where basements have been incorporated into the design of a number of these buildings. On 31 March 2012, Belfast’s Titanic Signature Building opened its doors to the public. The striking six-storey aluminium and glass clad building forms the centrepiece of the Titanic Quarter development, which, at £97m, represents a major investment in tourism in Northern Ireland and which provides Belfast with an iconic museum and exhibition space centred on the theme of the Titanic.