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Water Efficiency

During the past two decades, water use in the home has been increasing, with forecasts indicating that this upward trend is set to continue.

In recent years, businesses in the UK have also become more aware of the financial impact of water wastage, and its link to carbon emissions.

In order to address the upward trend in England and Wales, the Government set out its 2030 goal of reducing individual water usage in the home to 130 litres per person per day from its current level of around 150 litres. To support this, Ofwat has set Water Efficiency savings targets to run initially to 2015, and requiring a contribution from both household and non-household customers. The following statutory obligations also apply to the water company:

to promote water efficiency to its customers

to provide information to customers on how to use water more wisely

to contribute to improving the evidence base for water efficiency

RPS provides the following Water Efficiency Services:

Meter Data Logging & Analysis

Water Usage Benchmarking

External & Internal Leakage Detection

Water Efficiency Site Audits

Water Efficient Device Installations (including retro-fit)

Project Management & Reporting

Case Studies

Highland Council Water Efficiency Audits

Highland Council Water Efficiency Audits


Business Stream/Highland Council

RPS has undertaken a programme of water efficiency audits for Highland Council on behalf of Business Stream, covering 30 sites in the north of Scotland.

As part of their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their business operations, Highland Council are committed to reducing water consumption across their facilities in Scotland, with a view to achieving sustainable cost savings. Our work followed on from a water efficiency benchmarking exercise which identified existing levels of water usage across Highland Council’s property portfolio and highlighted potentially significant year-on-year savings.

As part of an ongoing water efficiency strategy, RPS undertook prioritised site-specific audits to identify opportunities for potential savings to be realised. Our work included meter data logging and analysis, external and internal leakage detection, internal asset audits and summary reporting. The outputs provided Highland Council with the information required to implement a range of recommendations based around water efficient devices and practices.

M&S Water Efficiency

Marks & Spencer Water Efficiency

Business Stream/M&S

Many forward-thinking businesses are aware of the benefits of promoting corporate environmental responsibility, in which water efficiency plays a part.

As part of its UK-wide water efficiency strategy, M&S invested in infra red sensor taps and smart urinal controls which, once commissioned, would contribute to its overall efficiency and sustainability targets. RPS worked in partnership with Business Stream, the largest Licensed Provider in Scotland, to deliver a programme of water efficient device installations for 500 M&S stores across the UK and Ireland. This included:

260 M&S Store Audits

180 Store Installations

2,000 Water Efficient Devices installed

RPS provided project management, site audit work and physical installation of water saving devices in conjunction with Business Stream to ensure that M&S were able to realise the benefits of their investment.

Severn Trent Water Region

Severn Trent Water Region

RPS has worked with Severn Trent to promote water efficiency and help to meet targets by installing water efficient devices in homes.

The domestic Water Efficiency Trial Project was completed with the objective of overseeing the effectiveness of retro-fit style water efficient devices in properties from two separate areas in the Severn Trent Water region. These included tap aerators, shower heads, cistern flush ciphons and displacement devices. In total, over 2,700 devices were installed during the trials.

The data gathered during this project helped Severn Trent Water to understand which products saved water, which were acceptable to customers and to gain an understanding of customer’s attitudes and behaviour towards water use. The products also helped Severn Trent to achieve itd targets for water efficiency savings.