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RPS provides all aspects of surveying, data collection, processing and performance assessment for utility companies and private companies using the best available technology and training.

Detailed and accurate surveys are crucial ahead of most major projects. As a member of the TSA, RPS has significant surveying experience in all business sectors and environments, including Defence, Utilities, Energy, Water, Transport, Commercial Property, Education, Environmental and Construction.

Our survey teams have a wealth of expertise in delivering projects to high standards for applications such as Highway Surveys, Pipeline and Linear Route Surveys, Underground Utility Location Surveys, Hydrographical Surveys, Monitoring & Deformation, Datum Level Control, Plant Room Laser Scanning, Volumetric Surveys and Setting Out.

Our in-house specialist services include:

Topographical Surveys

GPS Survey & Control

Measured Building Surveys

3D Laser Scanning

Thermographic Surveys

Utility Location and Mapping

Internal Building Service Tracing

Geophysical Radar Investigation

UXO – Unexploded Ordnance

Statutory Undertakers Record provision

Asset recording and monitoring

Utility record accuracy and update surveys

Data Management and GIS

Mains Replacement Prioritisation Surveys

Water Leakage

Gas Leakage

CCTV Sewer Condition Surveys

Inland Waterways and Reservoir Surveys

Case Studies

Deysbrook CCTV

Deysbrook CCTV

United Utilities

Survey of large diameter Victorian sewers in central Liverpool.

Liverpool has a Victorian sewer system that now forms a critical part of a much enlarged system. RPS was asked by United Utilities to carry out a challenging CCTV survey of a large diameter brick sewer in the Deysbrook area. The pipe is over 2m high in places and continually flowing. Due to the size of the sewer and the flows, RPS had to develop a specially designed float to carry the CCTV camera.

RPS' experience in sewer entry and CCTV meant that we were able to overcome all the hurdles and produce a complete survey of the old sewer. Planning included stringent health and safety procedures, rescue plans and monitoring of long and short term weather forecasts. Condition was found to be good and the quality of the Victorian design and workmanship should stand United Utilities in good stead for years to come.

Eccles Sewage Works

Manhole and Sewer Survey, Eccles Sewage Works

United Utilities

United Utilities needed to investigate the performance of overflows in and around Eccles Sewage Treatment Works.

RPS was asked to carry out a comprehensive survey that included manhole, CCTV and confined space man entry sewer surveys. The man entry survey was carried out in a large diameter brick sewer in a critical location. CCTV surveys by others had failed to give the detail required on this critical asset and the client required a visual and photographic inspection. The inspection, called a traverse, required a detailed safety assessment and plan. It was successfully completed with a 5 man specialist team and the client was able to use the records and photographic evidence as the benchmark for assessing any future deterioration.

Geophysical Radar Investigation

Geophysical Radar Investigation

Network Rail HQ

Survey of ground ahead of new Network Rail HQ.

RPS provided Topographical surveying, Underground Utility Location and Mapping and Geophysical Radar investigations at this site in Milton Keynes.

Our experience with Ground Penetrating Radar ensured that we were the natural choice to provide a quick non-intrusive solution to locating former pile positions ahead of the next construction phase.

This was delivered using a vehicle mounted multi-antenna array Ground Radar System, tracked using RTK GPS and Total Station in order to ensure the delivered drawing showed pile positions with real-world
co-ordinates to allow for setting out.

Inland Waterways and Reservoir Surveys

Inland Waterways and Reservoir Surveys

United Utilities

Depth measurement of Reservoir.

In addition to Topographic surveys of the area around a reservoir we are also able to provide Bathymetric surveys to give client the water depth and volume of the water body. This supports them with the right data to assist with operational decisions about the volumes held and area around each reservoir.

We are able to deploy both manned and un-manned watercraft to record this data and insert the measurements within an overview site plan.

Utility Location and Mapping Surveys

Utility Location and Mapping Surveys

University of Warwick – Coventry

Utility Mapping ahead of new build projects.

In order to meet CDM and HSG(47) regulations all new building projects require sub-surface utility investigations to ascertain where the existing utilities lay, service type and depth of cover.

This information is achieved using electromagnetic transmitters and receivers and supported by the use of Ground Penetrating Radar. All of the surveyor findings are recorded digitally using robust land survey techniques.