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Leakage Management

RPS is the leading leakage detection specialist with over 25 years experience in providing all water companies in the UK with leakage management consultancy services.

The RPS Leakage Management Consultancy team provides a range of specialist consultancy services to water company clients across the UK. Services include regulatory advice, strategic consulting, operational planning and statistical data analysis focussed principally on supply-demand, leakage and environmental economics and asset investment. The team comprises a blend of water engineering skills with statistical analysis, economics, environmental management and software development.

The RPS Leakage Management Field team has knowledgeable, experienced and highly skilled technicians who are supported by with the latest equipment. Our technicians are able to achieve the highest levels of productivity and accuracy.

RPS can undertake leakage detection works on a performance payment basis, simple day works or a hybrid of the two dependent on client requirements.

Our leakage detection customers include United Utilities, Thames Water, Dwr Cmyru Welsh Water, Southern Water and Yorkshire Water.

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Case Studies

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

Leakage Detection

For a number of years, RPS has worked alongside Dwr Cymru Welsh Water to reduce leakage in line with OFWAT targets.

RPS has approximately 50 staff working within 5 Operational Areas of Welsh Water providing Network Audit and Leakage Detection.

Over the past 5 years RPS has helped Welsh Water to achieve the OFWAT leakage targets and achieved a leakage reduction of f226 Ml/d in 2004/05 to 195 Ml/d in 2008/09. RPS also located over 19,000 leaks located in 2008/09.

Northern Ireland Water

Northern Ireland Water

Leakage Detection

Northern Ireland Water (NIW) required RPS to undertake Leakage Detection Services.

The project encompassed all areas of Northern Ireland and required the detection, location, marking and reporting of water leaks throughout NIW's distribution network.

RPS leakage detection specialists carried out thorough surveys of district meter areas (DMA) that had been prioritised for intervention by NIW.

RPS supported NIW in its aim to cost-effectively fulfil its leakage management objectives. Effective collaborative working arrangements led to improved leakage management business processes.

The principal benefits to NIW as a result of the project included:

The efficient and cost-effective attainment of NIW's leakage detection objectives

The embedding of improved leakage management processes

The development of trained, locally-based leakage detection specialists to complement NIW's existing in-house resources and to help facilitate NIW's regulatory operational efficiency targets.

Scottish Water

Scottish Water

Leakage Consultancy

RPS was commissioned to calculate a Long Run Economic Level of Leakage for Scottish Water.

The contract comprised collection and analysis of data relating to leakage levels, Natural Rate of Rise (NRR), active leakage control costs, marginal costs of water and intervention options to calculate a long run economic level of leakage in accordance with UKWIR best practice.

RPS successfully calculated an economic level of leakage for the period 2010 – 2015, across a 25 year planning horizon.

RPS' approach provided Scottish Water with significant benefits including:

The calculation of a robust economic level of leakage meets the needs of the economic regulator.

The methodology employed had the flexibility to allow both previously committed capital schemes and headroom deficits to be fixed in the model.

Other infrastructure options for reducing leakage (apart from leakage detection) such as mains renewals and pressure reduction were also considered.

Southern Water Leakage Detection

Southern Water Leakage Detection

Southern Water Services Limited

RPS was commissioned by Southern Water Services (SWS) to manage and detect leaks across the distribution network, maintain PRV's as well as conducting trunk main surveys and data collection for leakage allowance analysis.

RPS supplied all required resources over a 5 year period to complete the leakage tasks and ensure that SWS met its regulatory leakage targets from 2005 to 2010.

RPS managed the leakage in 809 DMA containing 1 million properties and 12,000 km of mains. RPS also completed bi-annual surveys on 1,700 km of trunk mains, undertook over 8,000 meter reads for studies and maintained the 455 PRV.

Throughout the delivery of this contract, RPS provided many benefits to SWS and these included:

Over 46,000 leaks found pro-actively and 11,000 leaks re-actively over the 5 years and passed to the R&M contractor for repair. Equivalent to around 360 Ml/d

The award winning partnership delivered the lowest leakage levels in the country in 2005/06 (drought) of 5.6 m3/km/d, and was recognised by industry bodies including Utility Week and SBWWI.

In addition to these benefits, RPS was able to support SWS in other activities, including Distribution Support and Standby, training of SWS staff in National Hygiene and Valve Ops, PRV optimisation and designs, leakage reporting software support, leakage allowance analysis and June Return reporting.

Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water

Leak Detection

RPS was awarded the contract to provide Leakage Detection Services to Yorkshire Water.

The aim of the contract was to reduce leakage to the levels desired by the client on time and to budget, whilst developing a successful partnering relationship.

Local RPS teams with working team leaders, set up to work closely with client leakage managers. The client goals were clearly defined and understood by all teams.

Clear understanding of project targets combined with prudent project, people, cost and relationship management, people development and project expertise meant that all the client's requirements were delivered on time and within budget.

The strong relationship between RPS and Yorkshire Water continues today.