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RPS has over 20 years experience in Waste Infrastructure Planning, Development and Project Management.

RPS advises across the country, north and south, on the planning and development of integrated waste infrastructure with respect to recycling, composting, waste to energy, MBT and residual landfill.

Our energy expertise also means we can provide unique, streamlined advice to clients on waste to energy projects including anaerobic digestion, thermal treatment, landfill gas utilisation and biomass.

We are currently involved in the planning, design, licensing and construction of:

Civic amenity sites

Recycling centres

Composting and anaerobic digestion plants

Material recovery facilities (MRFs)

Thermal treatment plants

Mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plants

Residual landfills

Case Studies

Ballyogan Landfill Consultancy

Ballyogan Landfill Consultancy Ballyogan Landfill Consultancy

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council


Development and restoration of Ballyogan landfill in Dublin, including infrastructural improvements, restoration of the landfill and Waste Licence Compliance.

Once appointed in 2002, RPS carried out a comprehensive audit of site operations, and developed a Strategic Improvement Plan for the operation and then progressive closure and restoration of the site. Implementation of the various recommendations of the Plan has been ongoing since then.

Following closure in 2005 upon commissioning of the Ballyogan baling station, restoration of the 40 ha landfill commenced in two stages, over two separate civil works contracts. RPS executed the preliminary design, detailed design and procurement for both contracts. Restoration involved capping of the entire site, surface water management and leachate collection and management works. The second stage of capping was completed in 2010 and involved the completion of a landfill gas collection network.

RPS provides ongoing consultancy services with respect to waste licence compliance, including environmental monitoring.

Dublin Waste to Energy

Dublin Waste to Energy Dublin Waste to Energy

Dublin City Council

Client Representative for the Dublin Waste to Energy PPP project, providing project management and technical advice.

The objective was to determine the optimum procurement route and procure a thermal treatment plant in the Dublin Region utilising the most up to date technology.

Our role on this project included site selection; managing the entire process through to construction; managing input and baseline monitoring for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS); managing the planning and licensing process including Oral Hearings for planning permissions and waste licence; foreshore and CER licence applications.

The project was stalled during a political hiatus 2009 – 2011. This was followed by environmental and commercial objections to the EU Commission on State Aid and Procurement. These were all rejected by the Commission following detailed submissions led by RPS.

Once cleared by the EU Commission, a Value for Money (VFM) Certificate was issued by the National Development Finance Agency. The four Dublin Local Authority CEOs then approved the revised Project Agreement with Covanta on September 19th 2014. Construction commenced thereafter and the plant is expected to be commissioned by 2017.

Kinsale Road Landfill – Final Capping

Dublin Waste to Energy Kinsale Road Landfill – Final Capping

Cork City Council

RPS has completed the final landfill capping at the former Kinsale Road Landfill site, facilitating its transformation into an attractive and safe public amenity.

Appointed by Cork City Council in 2012, our services included:

Detailed design of landfill capping works, leachate and landfill gas infrastructure

Surface water system design

Design of internal access roads, pavilion building, parking, playing field and landscaped areas

Contract and construction administration

The project involved innovative reuse of construction and demolition waste, as park benches were formed from gabion cages filled with crushed concrete, recycled from demolished grain silos in the Cork City docklands. Key project elements include BMX tracks, multi-use events space, sports pitch and pavilion building.

Leasing of Land for Waste Infrastructure Development

Dublin Waste to Energy Leasing of Land for Waste Infrastructure Development

Limerick City & County Council

RPS was appointed to provide expert advice and contract negotiations for the leasing of council owned land at Gortadroma Landfill, Co. Limerick.

The scope of the project covered the entire landfill area including the waste body, greenfield areas, existing infrastructure and electricity network connectivity. RPS managed the lease process including prequalification, assessment of bids from interested parties, recommendations on the preferred bidder, and development and negotiation of the terms of the long-term lease agreement. The successful bidder plans to develop a gasification plant at the landfill which could generate up to €4 million per annum in lease payments for Limerick City & County Council.

Mullaghglass Landfill Development

Mullaghglass Landfill Development Mullaghglass Landfill Development

Alpha Resource Management

Services included an EIA, PPC permit, design and construction of cell development, leachate treatment and landfill gas management.

RPS was appointed to prepare outline designs, produce an Environmental Impact Assessment and submit a planning application for the development of a new landfill site on the outskirts of Belfast.

Following receipt of planning permission RPS submitted a PPC permit application and undertook detailed design for the entire site. The initial contract involved substantial site earthworks, cell lining, landfill gas and leachate drainage systems, a leachate treatment works, site offices and access roads. Subsequently several contracts have been let and supervised under the management of RPS for the development of various cells.

RPS continue to provide support on relation to the ongoing development of the site and recently have been requested to design and supervise construction of a vertical / near vertical lining system.

Tramore Wetlands Project

Tramore Wetlands Project Tramore Wetlands Project

Waterford County Council

Remediation project at two wetland sites involving the excavation of approx. 50,000m3 of unauthorised waste material and site rehabilitation.

RPS was appointed by Waterford County Council in 2009 to provide design and procurement services for the remediation of two infilled wetlands sites in the Waterford County area and the creation of compensatory wetlands at Kilmacleague, Tramore, Co. Waterford. The requirement for the works resulted from a judgment of the European Court of Justice.

The remediation works involved the excavation of unauthorised waste material and the rehabilitation of the sites to such a degree as to promote the natural reinstatement of the pre-existing wetland environment. The material excavated is being processed at appropriately licensed/ permitted facilities to produce an engineering grade material, which is then utilised to construct a new sea embankment at a 20ha site in Kilmacleague to facilitate the creation of the compensatory wetland site.

RPS is providing project management, environmental and ecological, coastal modelling, waste management, contaminated land and remediation services on this project.

Whinnyhall Landfill Scotland

Whinnyhall Landfill Scotland

Rio Tinto

RPS has provided design and procurement services to Rio Tinto for the restoration and aftercare of Whinnyhall Landfilll at Burntisland north of Edinburgh.

The landfill was used for the disposal of red mud (bauxite residue), a residue from the nearby alumina processing plant in Burntisland until its closure in 2002. It was operated under a Waste Licence from SEPA but has now been restored having regard to the requirements of the EU Landfill Directive and all EU and national legislation. The landfill is located in a previously worked out oil shale mining area and the groundwater/leachate regime and stability of the site are affected by its mining history.

RPS carried out extensive investigations at the site to assess the stability of the landfill. A design for the restoration of the landfill was completed and a construction contract procured. The design incorporated capping, leachate collection and treatment, surface water collection and diversion from the waste body, and slope stability solutions. Restoration works are now complete with leachate being treated on site at a treatment plant being managed by RPS. Various end use options are also being developed for the site including the installation of wind turbines to offset future operational costs.