Maritime Infrastructure


RPS provides infrastructure planning, engineering and design expertise for piers, marinas, ports and harbours – from simple berthing structures to complex international port facilities.

RPS provides a full range of consultancy services to the Port & Harbour and Marina industries. Our specialists worldwide include civil, structural and port engineers, environmental scientists, transport planners, urban designers and ecologists. They are deployed flexibly to suit the needs of our clients – and their joint skills cover coastline issues, development of computational, hydraulic, numerical and physical modelling techniques, engineering (including underwater) and all related environmental, commercial and communication issues.>

Operating nationally and internationally, our fields of work include:

Ro-Ro and Lo-Lo facilities

Oil and gas terminals

Liquid and dry bulk terminals

Multi Modal port design

Cruise terminals

Marina and waterfront development

Maritime regeneration projects

Fishing harbours

Small piers and slipways

Health & Safety

Coastal zone management

Our services include:


Feasibility studies and economic appraisals

Computational and physical hydraulic modelling

Port operations and materials handling

Dredging design

Fully integrated design

Contract procurement and administration

Underwater engineering

Inspection and maintenance

Project management and health and safety

Environmental impact assessment

Case Studies

Bangor Harbour

Bangor Harbour Development Bangor Harbour Development

North Down Borough Council

RPS was appointed by North Down Borough Council to undertake the detailed design and project management of a £18m seafront development scheme at Bangor Harbour. RPS was the lead consultant on this prestigious development.

RPS provided a range of services on the project including:

Overall Lead Design Consultant

Project Management and contract administration

Feasibility Study and Computational and Physical Hydraulic Modelling

Design of major breakwaters 300m, quays, dredging and 550 berth pontoon layout

Utilisation of specialist concrete armour units

Design of landside development including administration building, promenade, car parks and leisure facilities

Overall Port, Harbour, Marina and recreational area Planning

Boat Hoist Arrangement

Integration of proposals into Town Planning

The project was awarded The Concrete Society prize for Innovative use of concrete units.

Jaigad Port

Jaigad Port, Maharashta, India Jaigad Port, Maharashta, India

Chowgule Ports Infrastructure Private Ltd

RPS provided Port Masterplanning, design and technical review services for a green field port development at Jaigad approximately 200 miles south of Mumbai on India's west coast.

The project includes capital dredging works, the construction of a commercial port, ship repair yard and associated landside infrastructure and includes:

5M m3 capital dredging including rock excavation

350m jetty with approach viaduct

ship lift with associated transfer structures for vessels up to 12,000t

260m wet repair berth and 6 dry repair berths

Approximately 2M m3 landside excavation including 1M m3 rock blasting

Approximately 1M m3 reclamation

1.7 km shore protection.

RPS prepared the overall masterplan for the scheme and in addition is providing other services including:

Dredging design

Technical review of marine structures design

Container terminal surfacing design and detailing

Computational hydraulic modelling of dredge channel and disposal site

High level project management advice to clients PM team.

Killybegs Harbour

Killybegs Harbour Development

Dept of Communications Marine & Natural Resources

RPS was commissioned to develop 450m of new pier, quayside facilities for offshore energy sector (oil, gas and renewables), fish handling plant, stores, boat repair shed, 11ha reclamation and 355,000m3 dredging at Rough Point, Killybegs.

RPS provided a range of services to the project including:

Economic Feasibility Study and concept Port Layout Planning for various development proposals

Key requirements include 450m quay provision, dredging of the harbour, land reclamation re-using dredged material and potential provision of marina facilities

Procurement and supervision of marine site investigation and contaminant analysis

Modelling of wave and tidal effects associated with the development proposals

Environmental Impact Assessment, Planning Application and Waste Licence application as required by statutory authorities.

Contract documents, site supervision and contract administration

Dredging of 255,000m3 stiff clays, sands & gravel for reclamation including dealing with contaminated sediments

Dredging of 100,000m3 soft sediments for sea disposal

Dredging of 255,000m3 stiff clays, sands & gravel for reclamation including dealing with contaminated sediments

Construction of 450m quay wall dredged up to –12mCD depth alongside

Design for minimal maintenance

Inclusion of heavy lift facilities for oil and gas industry and renewables sector

Provision for return of refrigerated sea water to fishing vessels.

New Ferry Terminal at Loch Ryan

Loch Ryan Port Development Loch Ryan Port Development

Stena Line Ltd

RPS was appointed as Lead Consultant for the new Ro-Ro facility at Old House Point, Cairnryan.

RPS provided a range of services to the project including:

Lead Design Consultant

Port Masterplanning

Project Management Lead

Site selection based on environmental, geotechnical and logistical aspects

Design and supervision of site investigation – geotechnical, hydrographic and seismic

Port planning including preparation of option layouts for various vessel types and structures

Prepare preliminary designs and liaison with cost consultant to prepare cost profile for various options

Input to Environmental Impact Assessment

Input and management of various consents including:
- Harbour Empowerment Order
- Various Planning consents
- SEPA licencing
- Transport Scotland approvals.

Procurement Services including:
- Administration of Tendering
- Contract Negotiations and award

Project management for linkspan

Detailed Design
- Design of roads and junctions
- Contract Negotiations and award
- Overall surfacing 120,000m2 including heavy duty surfacing for high capacity Ro-Ro HGV vehicles
- 250m Berthing Quay
- Bank Seat Structures
- Sheet piled combi wall 200m
- 750,000m3 dredged material design
- Reclamation strategy
- Coastal processes - 1km of coastal protection

Optimisation of land use areas

Value Engineering through detailed design and construction stages

Site Supervision and Contract Administration under NEC3.

OpenHydro Tidal Turbines

OpenHydro Tidal Turbines OpenHydro Tidal Turbines

RPS was commissioned to provide design and contract management services on the production of a 5m prototype turbine installation in Orkney.

Within the management contract framework RPS acted as the project manager and also integrated the roles of the Supervisor and the Employer's Designers.

The project has been installed at the EMEC tidal test site in Orkney and involves the civil construction in an extremely challenging environment with exposure to tidal currents up to eight knots.

A jack-up barge is used to provide a working platform during the drilling operations to install piles in the seabed. Having installed the piles a deck structure is added and the turbine suspended in between.

RPS provided a range of services to the project including:

Project Manager

Project Supervisor

Employer's Designers.

Port of Sheerness

Port of Sheerness

Peel Ports

RPS was appointed as Lead Planner and Designer for the development of a 73ha wind turbine manufacturing and outloading facility at the Port of Sheerness, Isle of Sheppey, Kent.

RPS provided a range of services to the project including:

Lead Planner

Full EIA including specialist surveys

Port engineering design of 1200m quays

Architectural design of 100,000m2 of manufacturing buildings

Heavy duty pavement and surfacing of 73ha
development land

Above and below water structural inspects and load assessments

Internal road design

M&E engineering for services

Operational logistics

Dredging design

Geotechnical design.