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Our unique mix of planning, environmental, engineering, regulatory and sub-surface specialists that combine to assist clients in the effective design and implementation of oil and gas services.

RPS is globally renowned for its expertise and experience in support of the exploration, development, production and commercialisation of oil and gas assets. Our clients include government organisations, national oil companies (NOCs), multi-nationals, majors, independents, start-ups, developers, banks, investors, brokers, analysts and financial advisors.

In Ireland RPS have played a central role in the planning and development of natural gas infrastructure and pipelines including the supply to Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Limerick and Waterford and advise international oil and gas companies on the environmental issues relevant to exploration off the Irish coast. We provide strategic and commercial advice and technical support services to oil and gas exploration and developments in Ireland.

The unique combination of our international experience combined with our ongoing work on national energy infrastructure in Ireland, ensures that RPS is well placed to provide services to the oil and gas exploration industry.

Case Studies

Atlantic Seismic Survey Programme

Atlantic Seismic Survey Programme Atlantic Seismic Survey Programme

ENI (with PAD)

RPS provided environmental and HSE support to the national seismic survey programme encompassing over 18,000km of long offset 2D survey of the Irish EEZ.

RPS was contracted by ENI to provide consenting and environmental support for the survey. In addition, RPS provided health and safety advisory services, including CMID audits of survey and guard vessels, survey planning and operating procedures and on-going advisory services through the survey. This included environmental assessment and AA Screening, provision of FLOs, marine navigation advice and marine notices.

RPS staff were seconded to the survey vessel as client representative and health and safety advisor for the duration of the survey.

Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline

Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline

Shell E&P Ireland Ltd. (SEPIL)

RPS has supported SEPIL in delivering the Corrib Onshore Pipeline from route development stage through to EIS and detailed design stages.

RPS was appointed by SEPIL in 2007 to find a modified route for the Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline. This element of the Corrib gas field development will link the Corrib gas field (located over 80km offshore) to the gas terminal at Bellanaboy, Co. Mayo.

Following a lengthy public consultation process managed by RPS, applications were submitted to the various statutory bodies for approval (February 2009). All statutory approvals were granted during Q1, 2011. The approved scheme comprises 8.3km of upstream gas pipeline, approximately 4.9km of which will be installed within a 4.2m diameter segment lined tunnel beneath Sruwaddacon Bay.

RPS was extensively involved in planning, conceptual design, EIS and detailed design elements of the project including design support during construction. Construction began in July 2011 and was completed in December 2015. The Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline won the Engineers Ireland Outstanding Project of the Year Award in 2016.

Dublin Metallic Mains Renewal

Dublin Metallic Mains Renewal Dublin Metallic Mains Renewal

Bord Gáis

RPS was appointed by Bord Gáis Networks to provide design services for the identification and replacement of the remaining metallic gas mains and services identified within the greater Dublin Area.

The Dublin Metallic Mains Renewal Programme was initiated in 2011 to examine locations where Bord Gáis Network’s GIS system indicated that there was a possibility of metallic mains still in use in the gas network.

This project was a unique opportunity for RPS to operate within all areas of the Gas Distribution network. It highlights our ability to conduct a large scale quality assurance exercise on an extensive network, addressing any issues arising from such a QA, and presenting the final remediation on the clients IT system.

Dunquin Well

Dunquin Well Dunquin Well


RPS provided in country environmental and oil spill planning support for all permitting and licensing in relation to the Dunquin Well.

RPS was contracted by ExxonMobil to provide environmental services support and oil spill planning for their application to drill the Dunquin Well in the Porcupine Seabight. The 1600+m well was the deepest offshore exploratory well drilled in recent exploration history. RPS provided environmental support services including ESIA, AA Screening, PUDAC applications etc. for ExxonMobil.

RPS staff were seconded to ExxonMobil during the drill operation to provide additional support.

Gasworks Site Remediation

Gasworks Site Remediation Gasworks Site Remediation

Bord Gáis Networks

RPS was commissioned to provide project management and technical services relating to the remediation of a decommissioned gasworks site in Limerick City.

Historically gas was produced at the 1.4ha Dock Road Gasworks site using a coal gas process from the 1830’s until 1974. This manufacturing process produced a number of by-products including coal tar that was stored in underground tanks and subsequently resulted in contamination of the soils on the site. The proposed remediation of the site will employ Pump & Treat followed by Soil Stabilisation techniques.

RPS is currently acting as BGN Project Manager through the EPA Waste Licence and Planning Phase of this Project and will be Employer’s Representative once the project commences on site in 2013. RPS technical specialists have also provided expert Planning, Transportation and Structural Engineering advice to Bord Gáis on aspects of the remediation.

National Gas Infrastructure

National Gas Infrastructure – Gas 2025 Study National Gas Infrastructure – Gas 2025 Study

Bord Gáis Éireann

RPS undertook a technical feasibility study to identify all options available to Bord Gáis Éireann, for the provision of additional gas transportation capacity to Ireland and within Ireland.

The scope of work included the sizing of facilities to meet forecasted gas demands (4 scenarios) up to the year 2025, determination of capital and operating expenditure (1998 costs), identification of optimal phasing to match growth in gas demand and economic evaluation.